RoboFi Introduction

RoboFi Ecosystem is the first DeFi platform to bring Decentralized Autonomous Bots (DABots), powered by DAO principle and blockchain technology, to everyone. We introduce VICS token as the fuel for the RoboFi Ecosystem.

Via RoboFi, each DABot can do the IBO (Initial Bot Offering), fundraising, and circulate bot tokens of itself. Users can pariticipate in DABots as "stake users" or "governance users". Stake users are participants who deposit crypto assets to bots to generate earnings. Meanwhile, governance users are participants who purchase DABotโ€™s governance shares to control various settings of DABots and earn a portion of botsโ€™ earnings. We bring the value of professional portfolio management to bot users in an automated, transparent, and verifiable way.


Using anything new can be a bit of challenge. We've created a range of guides to help you. Check the menu for more documentation about features and services. If you can't find what you need, feel free to visit the RoboFi Telegram and ask for help.

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