♻️Bot life cycle and IBO

Bot Life Cycle defined 3 phases of DABots during their lifetime. These phases include:

● Bot Genesis: (also called "Pre-IBO") indicates the phase when DABots are created in RoboFi Ecosystem. VICS is a β€œmust” for bot creators to create new bots. Bots' smart contracts are auto-generated by RoboFi. In this phase:

  • Bot creators can define initial bot settings and parameters (please read the White Paper to know more about these parameters).

  • A bot creator must deposit VICS to own G-token of his new DABot.

  • RoboFi will auto create a set of smart contracts for new DABot based on parameters and settings that were defined by bot creators.

  • At this phase, DABots are not having any fund to trade yet. Bots need to wait for the next phase (IBO) to be able to raise intial fund.

DABots in "Pre-IBO" phase are denoted with tag IBO START [countdown-timer] in RoboFi Store. All users can browse and search for new DABots (with their smart contracts), and select interesting DABots which will be ready for IBO in the next phase.


● Initial Bot Offering (IBO): is the phase to offer bot tokens (C-token and G-token) to community, and raise an initial fund for bots. In this phase:

  • Bot targets to raise an initial fund for trading activities. This initial fund is called IBO CAP.

  • Any early-bird user can stake crypto assets and thereby become "pioneer stake users" to contribute to bots' IBO CAP. These users get C-tokens (for their stakings) and then, they have the privilege to buy bot G-tokens at the IBO price (which is also the cheapest price if compared to Regular price after IBO). VICS is a β€œmust” to be able to buy G-token.

  • Because of the requirement to raise initial fund, any user who does not stake to bots in IBO phase will not be able to buy bot's G-token. If a user only wants to buy G-token but not stake, he/she is advised to buy G-token after IBO phase.

  • Bots are raising inital fund, hence bots do not distribute rewards in this phase. Bots will start to distribute rewards in "After-IBO" phase.

DABots "In-IBO" phase are denoted with tag IBO END [countdown-timer] in RoboFi Store.

At the end of IBO phase, bots already have some fund to start trading. This fund may reach the IBO CAP in an ideal case. Bots will move to "After IBO" phase to continue to receive more stakings from users until bots reach the MAX CAP.


● After IBO: is the phase in which DABots will continue to accept more stakings until the MAX CAP is reached. MAX CAP is the maximum crypto assets under management that a bot wants to handle.

  • Any user can stake crypto assets. The staking will be paused when MAX CAP is reached (i.e., accept no more staking) and will be resumed if some users unstake (withdraw staked assets).

  • Any user can buy G-tokens (if not sold out) at the Regular price (higher price than IBO price) plus commission fee.

  • Hence, at this phase, DABots expect to have a larger fund to trade to generate earnings.

  • DABots will distribute rewards to all participated users ("stake users", "governance users") and bot creators in "After IBO" phase.

DABots in "After IBO" phase are denoted as BOT ACTIVE in RoboFi Store.

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