Open RoboFi Wallet

Step 1:

  • On the left menu, click RoboFi Wallet

  • Click the Create new wallet button to open a RoboFi wallet

Step 2: select New wallet and click the Next button. (The Import wallet is only used if you already had mnemonic phrase or private key)

Step 3:

  • Enter information for your wallet:

    • Wallet name

    • Wallet password:

      • Note 1: This wallet password is NOT the password of your log in account when you registered

      • Note 2: this wallet password CANNOT BE CHANGED after successful wallet creation

      • Note 3: the wallet password is only owned by you; if you lost your wallet password, we CANNOT RESET NOR RETRIEVE your wallet password

    • Confirm wallet password

  • Click the Next button to continue

Step 4: write down your mnemonic phrase in the correct order as shown on screen. It is important to note that:

  • The mnemonic phrase is used to import your wallet.

  • The mnemonic phrase is only owned by you. Please store the mnemonic phrase in a safe place by yourself.

  • If you lose both the mnemonic phrase and your wallet password, we CANNOT RESET NOR RETRIEVE the wallet password, mnemomic phrase, this can lead to your cryptos stored in wallet are inaccessible.

Step 5: verify mnemonic phrase

  • Select the word to put them next to each other in the correct order

  • Once done, click the Next button to continue

Step 6: review your walllet information

  • Check your mnemonic phrase wallet. You can scan QR code to save the mnemonic phrase wallet

  • Ensure you fully understand items listed and check those

  • Then click the Confirm button to finish the creation of your RoboFi Wallet.

Step 7: view and manage cryptos in your wallet after creation.

A user can create more than one RoboFi Wallet. Please ensure you can manage all of your RoboFi wallets. On the top-right, you can select which wallet of yours. See the cryptos Balance in each wallet. You can also Send, Receive, and see History of transactions.

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