Buy G-token "after IBO" phase

Please read here to understand about "After IBO" phase.

When a DABot already ends IBO, it goes to "After IBO" phase. In this phase, users can buy G-token:

  • The amount of G-tokens that all users can buy "after-IBO" is shown in details of each bot. Check out the "Available" number of governance token of each bot to see.

  • G-token price after-IBO time is called "Regular price" and this is higher than G-token "IBO price". Buying G-tokens after IBO is also required to pay a commission fee, depending on bot settings

  • Users must have VICS to be able to buy G-token

In the following example, the DABot name is Capricorn, and the G-token name is CapGToken . In the details of bot, it shows:

  • Capricorn is now after-IBO so it is denoted as "Bot Active"

  • The Max supply for CapGToken is 10000, in which 5000 was already for IBO supply. Users had bought 5018 G-token (the "Circulated" number) and still 4982 CapGToken is available for sale.

  • The price of each CapGToken is 11 VICS, users also have to pay 1% commission fee when buying CapGToken in the after-IBO time.

Users can continue with the following steps to buy G-tokens

Step 1: check again each bot's details to ensure bot is still having G-token "available". Click the (+) button to buy G-token

Step 2: if this is the 1st time you buy G-tokens of a selected bot, you will be asked to unlock your wallet, please click Unlock wallet.

Input wallet password, and click Confirm to finish the unlock operation.

Step 3: Buy G-token, you can do as follows:

  • Enter the amount of G-token you want to buy, the system will auto-compute the cost you need to pay (in VICS token). In this example, the Regular price is 11 VICS/per G-token, and also 1% commission, so you will need to pay 1100 VICS to buy 99 G-token.

  • OR, enter the cost (in VICS token) that you want to pay to buy G-token. The system will auto-compute the amount of G-token you can buy based on the cost (VICS) entered.

  • Click Confirm button on the screen above.

  • On the next screen, input your wallet password and click the Confirm button to finish the transaction to buy G-token.

The total amount of VICS that all users have spent to buy G-token of this bot will be shown in the "Total deposited" (VICS) when viewing bot details.

Understanding more about Vaults for G-tokens.

Basically, all users' G-tokens are kept in Vaults to be computed for, and distributed rewards. Later, users can:

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