Unstake from DABots

All users' C-tokens are kept in Vaults to be accounted for, and distributed rewards. If users want to unstake, firstly, users need to withdraw C-tokens from Vaults to their RoboFi Wallets, secondly, unstake C-tokens in wallets. C-tokens can only be unstaked after-IBO phase.

Please read here to understand the Unstake rules.

Step 1: click the Vault button to display vaults of C-tokens (Kindly note: if your C-tokens are already in your wallet, then go to Step 5).

Step 3: enter the amount of C-tokens you want to withdraw then click the Withdraw button.

Step 4: enter the wallet password and click the Confirm button.

Step 6: if you unstake C-tokens for the first time, you need to unlock your wallet. Click the Unlock wallet button.

Step 7: enter the amount of C-tokens you want to unstake, this number must not exceed the number of C-tokens in your wallet. Read and agree to the bot's policy to understand the Cool-down time (you can claim your staked-asset after the Cool-down period because bots need time to adjust funds in trading activities). Then click the Unstake button.

For the sake of simplicity, the Cool-down period is only 1 minute in this example. However, in real life, bot may need longer time (e.g., 1-2 days) to adjust trading fund.

Then enter wallet password and click Confirm button.

Step 8: now you can see the unstaking request had already been submitted. Wait until the Cool-down timer is over then your staked-assets can be released.

Step 9: when you see the unstaking request is ready to be released, then click Claim button.

Step 10: click Confirm button to approve the transaction.

When succeeds, you can check RoboFi Wallet to see your staked assets (e.g, sBUSD, sUSDT, or sETH or etc...) are transferred to your wallet.

You can go to RoboFi Treasury to swap those sBUSD, or sETH.... back to BUSD, ETH.... with the rate 1:1.

See user guide here to swap between sBUSD <--> BUSD, sUSDT <--> USDT, and so on.

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