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Users with Metamask

Users can connect their Metamask wallet, network Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) to use RoboFi.
At the login screen, click Connect to Metamask.
Then enter your Metamask wallet password and click Unlock button.
If your account does not have Binance Smart Chain network yet, the system will ask for permission to add this network to your account. In this example, we add "Smart Chain - Testnet" for the sake of simplicity. Then click Approve button to continue.
In reality with BEP20, you can choose to add "BSC - Mainnet" when you want to access RoboFi Mainnet on BEP20.
After adding the network, the system will ask for permission to switch to work on this network. Click the Switch network button to continue.
Then select the account you want to connect to RoboFi, click Next button to continue.
Click Connect button to connect your Metamask wallet with RoboFi.
When succeeds, users with Metamask can do all business functions such as: swap token <--> sToken, stake to bots, buy bot tokens, harvest rewards, and so on... as same as Users with RoboFi Wallet.