Vaults for G-tokens

There are 2 Vaults for DABots G-token:

  • VIP Vault: to keep G-token when users buy "in IBO" phase. Rewards weight = 1.2 to prioritize "pioneer users" who staked and bought G-token in the early phase and contribute to bots' IBO CAP.

  • Regular Vault: to keep G-token when users buy "after IBO" phase. Reward weight = 1 as standard.

It is important to understand that:

  • Users' G-tokens can only be in VIP Vault when users buy G-token "in IBO" phase. After IBO phase, there is no way to have G-tokens in the VIP Vault.

  • Always keep your bot tokens in Vaults to get rewards. Any bot tokens not in Vaults but in your wallets will not be rewarded.

  • Users can withdraw their bot tokens from any vaults to their RoboFi Wallet, then they can exchange/give as present/sell peer-to-peer with other users if they wish to do so. However, as said above, bot tokens not in Vaults are not rewarded.

  • Withdraw and Deposit rule:

    • The withdrawal G-tokens will also auto harvest VICS rewards (if any) earned from G-tokens to users' wallet.

    • Users can withdraw their G-tokens from each Vault (VIP or Regular) to wallet.

    • G-tokens in users' wallets can be deposited back to Regular Vault. Once deposited back, these G-tokens are automatically accounted to distribute rewards. However, there is no way to deposit G-tokens back to VIP Vault. If a user Alice withdrew her bot tokens out of VIP Vault to her wallet, then Alice cannot deposit that back to VIP Vault.

  • Redeem G-token rule:

    • Only G-tokens in user's wallets can be redeemed to get back VICS. If users want to redeem G-tokens and get back VICS, at first, users need to withdraw G-tokens from each Vault to their RoboFi Wallet, then redeem G-tokens in wallet to get back VICS.

    • Users can only redeem G-tokens after-IBO phase. Userguide to redeem G-token is here.

    • The rate of G-token per VICS when redeeming is computed as Total deposited / Circulating; in which:

      • Total deposited: is the VICS amount that bot is keeping when users buy its G-tokens "in-IBO" or "after-IBO".

      • Circulating: is the number of G-tokens that are circulating on the market for the current bot.

      • Both of the above numbers are fluctuating values that can increase and/or decrease over time because different users may continue to buy or redeem after IBO.

      • Users can check these numbers when viewing bot details and charts in the RoboFi Store.

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