🕹️Users and Business funtions

Below are typical user roles and their business functions in the RoboFi Ecosystem. These user roles are not excluded each other, it means, a bot creator can also be a stake user, a governance user can also be a stake user, and so on.

User role as "Bot creators" can:

  • Create new DABot (a.k.a., DABots genesis), powered by DAO principle. Following the bot template defined by RoboFi, each bot will automatically have a set of smart contracts on blockchain to circulate and manage bot tokens.

  • Define initial bot settings and parameters.

  • List bots in RoboFi Store using VICS, bots circulates G-token and C-token.

  • Initial Bot Offering, raise fund for bots to trade.

  • Manage bots rewarding activity.

User role as "Bot users: Stake users" can:

  • Browse and Search for all DABots listed on RoboFi Store.

  • Select and Stake to DABots and become bot stake users, the staking is done with sTokens (sUSDT, sBUSD…) or popular crypto assets (USDT, BUSD…) depending on bot settings; users will get C-tokens as confirmation.

  • Harvest rewards from C-tokens, rewards are paid in the same crypto assets that were used when staking.

  • Unstake C-tokens to get back sTokens or popular crypto assets.

  • Convert popular crypto assets (USDT, BUSD…) to get sTokens (sUSDT, sBUSD…) and vice versa at RoboFi Treasury.

User role as "Bot users: Governance users" can:

  • Browse and Search for all DABots listed on RoboFi Store.

  • Buy G-tokens using VICS and become bot governance users.

  • Harvest rewards from G-tokens, rewards are paid in VICS.

  • Redeem G-tokens to get VICS.

  • Change/govern DABots settings (e.g., earning distribution and so on) via the voting protocol.

  • Participate in DABots Game.

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