Stake to Bots "in IBO" phase

Stake to be able to buy G-tokens

Please read here to understand about IBO phase.

When a DABot is "in IBO" phase, it is raising an initial fund for trading activity. Therefore, users can stake to bot to contribute to the target initial fund (IBO CAP).

It is important to understand that:

  • Only users who stake to bots in IBO phase(hence, become "pioneer stake users" to contribute to bots' initial fund) can have the privilege to buy bot G-tokens. The amount of G-token that he/she can buy will be auto-computed by smart contracts based on his/her staking amount

  • G-token price in IBO time is commission-free and at the IBO price (cheapest price). After the IBO phase, the G-token price will be sold at the Regular price, with price multiplier depending on bot settings.

  • All users can stake a total amount up to IBO CAP that bots want to raise. When this amount is reached, users cannot add more staking to bots in IBO phase.

  • All stakings in IBO phase cannot be unstaked when IBO is not ended yet. Users can unstake when bot in "after-IBO" phase.

  • Only stakings in IBO phase can go to VIP Vault.

In the following example, the sToken is sUSDT, the DABot name is Gemini, this bot only accepts sUSDT for staking. The G-token name is GemGToken, and the C-token name is GemsUSDT

Step 1: If you are staking to a bot for the 1st time, you need to enable staking.

  • Click Enable staking button to unlock your wallet

  • Enter your wallet password and click Confirm button to unlock your wallet

Step 2: Stake to bots, because CEX DABots only accept sTokens for staking, if you are not having sTokens yet, please go to RoboFi Treasury to convert to sTokens.

  • Click the stake (+) button to start staking

  • Enter the amount you want to stake. The amount of G-token that you can buy (aka., "buyable gov.token") is automatically computed. Click Confirm button to stake to bot.

  • Enter your wallet password and click Confirm to finish the transaction

  • When staking is done, you can see My stake number.

  • Click Vault to see how many bot's C-tokens you are having in the VIP Vault. This is the "certificate" of your staking.

    • These C-tokens are locked in VIP Vault to compute and distribute rewards when bot's trader adds overall rewards.

    • Only staking in-IBO phase can go to VIP Vault which will get a higher reward weight(1.2) comparing to Regular Vault (weight 1) and Warm-Up Vault (weight 0.8)

    • If you withdraw your C-tokens out of VIP Vault to your RoboFi Wallet, those C-tokens (in wallet) will not be counted for any rewards. If you deposit your C-tokens from your RoboFi Wallet back to Vault, you can only deposit to Regular Vault and cannot deposit back to VIP Vault.

  • Now you can buy G-token if you wish. You can see the max amount of G-token that you can buy below, this number is auto-computed (by smart contracts) based on your staking. In this example you can buy maximum 50 GemGToken.

The total amount of crypto staking assets (for example, sUSDT) that all users have staked to this bot will be shown in the "Total Value Staked" (with value marked to USD) when viewing bot details.

Understanding more about Vaults for C-tokens

Basically, all C-tokens are kept in Vaults to be computed for, and distributed staking rewards. Later, users can:

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